Hello! My name is Alex/アレックス Garcia/ガルシア (私の名前はアレックスです。/Hola me llamo Alex.) but everyone usually calls me just Alex or Em-Chan. I am known as theblueknight on jphip and on deviantart and ff.net as oneyugigirl. I am 25 years old and live in Los Banos, California. AKB48 is my passion as of the last year so this place will mostly have AKB related stuff like news , pictures and maybe fanfics. I also love Hatsune Miku And learning the Japanese Language so there might be some of that. Because I am an admin on FB in the group called United Nations Society of Adorkable Writers and the AKB48 Fanfics page well anything I post in those two places will end up here so that I can share it will all AKB fans here so don't be surprise :3 I also love other things like anime and video games so ill post those too. I am also a huge Power Rangers fan so I will have lots of Power Ranger related post .


Sailor Moon Crystal FAQ & Guide! For Fans who are confused of where it is going to be streamed or at what time to catch it wherever you may live!!! :)

AN IMPORTANT THING ABOUT HULU: Even if you have the paid version of Hulu as in Hulu Plus you will still get commercials!!!


For those people that cant watch sailor moon crystal by the standard means (hulu, crunchyroll etc.) … you can download Hola ( https://hola.org/ ) which allows you to access websites that are not available in your country.

For more information please go to. https://www.facebook.com/notes/sailor-moon-the-mooniverse/faq-new-sailor-moon-anime/551361998263766

Credits:Xleafa on tumblr : http://xleafa.tumblr.com/

Sailor Moon 2014: News and Information

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